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His Dark Materials, Golden Compass, Ch 20: Let Iorek Be Iorek

August 29, 2019

It’s THUNDERDOME and we are in it with Iorek and Iofur. In our Sorting (00:06:00) we decide where to place the Usurper Bear King, Iofur Raknison; then it’s every last detail of Mortal Combat, Ch 20 (00:10:41), followed by our alethiometer readings (00:53:00), the Mixtape (00:56:12), and our Extra Award (01:00:27). Just one chapter this week as we get ready for Dumbledo- we mean, Asriel, to arrive next time.

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Produced by Melissa Anelli // hosts Melissa Anelli and William Redden // Audiobook clips (c) Penguin Random House

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