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His Dark Materials: Cool Older Sister (w/ Joanna Robinson)

This week, we welcome podcast icon Joanna Robinson onto the podcast! We talk about how she came to the original book series, what she felt out the His Dark Materials tv...

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Supernatural Storytime: Reading Our Own Fanfic

So we may have miscounted how many weeks were in the Hellatus – whoops! So for this week Taekia and Leah are setting themselves up for massive amounts of...

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His Dark Materials, S1 E8: To the End

With the first season of His Dark Materials over, we talk through the good, the bad, and the weird throughout this episode. Since it’s the end of the season, we...

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Supernatural: What if… John Died in the Nursery Fire?

Rejoice! Taekia and Leah have come up with another fun format for the hellatus, and it’s the first in our soon to be beloved What If series. Let’s start...

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Supernatural Episode Sommelier: Family Dramas

We’re having more fun with format and are acting as your very own Supernatural sommeliers. Perhaps you want to indoctrinate a friend but they’re not into “monster shows,” or...

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Supernatural Commentary Track: The Real Ghostbusters

It’s our first week of experimental podcasting, since Supernatural has deigned to take a holiday from releasing new episodes. Join Taekia and Leah for their first ever episode commentary...

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Who Are We?

Melissa Anelli

Host: His Dark Materials

Melissa Anelli is the CEO of Mischief Management and Mischief Media, which produces LeakyCon, BroadwayCon, Con of Thrones, and all these amazing podcasts. In 2008 she published the New York Times bestselling Harry, A History, a chronicle of the Harry Potter phenomenon, featuring a foreword from J.K. Rowling. Melissa lives in Brooklyn with Will and their dog George; more at melissaanelli.com.

Taekia Blackwell

Host: Supernatural

Taekia Blackwell is a lifelong fan. Her first love was the MCU, before MCU was even a thing. She started watching Supernatural because of Tumblr and never looked back. Taekia is the COO of Mischief Management and the President of the Board of Directors for the Harry Potter Alliance. She is a proud Ravenclaw and NYC resident, and is always willing to talk television, film, and fandom with anyone who will listen.

Leah Cornish

Host: Supernatural

Leah Cornish is a big, big nerd. As a huge fan of podcasts and Supernatural, Extraneous is basically a dream come true. In her free time, you can find her in New York City searching desperately for a group of nerds to play DnD with. Leah is the Content Development Director for Mischief Management, so you can blame her for all the new content coming your way.

Will Redden

Host: His Dark Materials

Will Redden is a Ravenclaw who is psyched that Mischief Management is letting him sit with them. He is passionate about stories and how we tell them, and is excited to dive into His Dark Materials. Will lives in Brooklyn with Melissa and their pasta pup, George.


 Join us on an epic journey through all of Supernatural, and a reread and discussion of His Dark Materials. Be like that guy over there. He likes our podcast so much he’s listening to it on a beach. Subscribe now!

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