His Dark Materials, Golden Compass Ch 10-12: You’re Not From Texas

The Fancy Goose of Exposition appears in this episode to help us grasp the wonderings and the musings of Lyra, John Faa, and the Gyptians as they travel north. And we welcome, with great fanfare, the consequential characters of Iorek Byrnison and Lee Scoresby. Travel with us through the chapter 10 (00:01:19), chapter 11 (00:36:51),...

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EXTRA Extraneous: His Dark Materials: Emergency SDCC Pod

Will and Melissa break down the new His Dark Materials trailer: what’s in it, what’s not, and what the actors, writer, and producer said at San Diego Comic Con! Join us as we FREAK OUT with this raw, unedited, instant reaction pod. Let us know what you thought by getting us at @extraneouspod on Twitter...

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11 Things from the HDM Trailer that are Different Than the Books

WE FINALLY GOT A FULL TRAILER for His Dark Materials coming this fall on HBO and they absolutely nail so much of what we love most about the series. We’ll get into that (and do, on our podcast emergency episode, which you should listen to!). Meanwhile, here are the main things we could see that were different than what we...

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Supernatural Season 4: “I’m AWESOME!”

Taekia and Leah went hard on this one, but hey this is Extraneous and we’re talking season 4 of Supernatural, what did you expect? Dean’s self-loathing, Sam’s addiction, Cas, Ruby, and SO MUCH MORE are waiting for you, so go ahead and get downloading! Spoiler alert: we’re all the Monsters at the End of This...

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His Dark Materials, Golden Compass Ch 13-15: Fancy Goose Ex Machina

His Dark Materials gets darker, thornier, and even harder to tackle, but Melissa and Will are going to take you through it! In these chapters, we get to the Fields of Evil, Bolvangar itself. Chilling. After our intro, join us to discuss Ch 13 (00:01:33), Ch 14 (00:35:16), and Ch 15 (00:54:04), then some overall...

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Supernatural Season 5: We’re Quality Trash

We made it to the end! Well, at least the original intended end of Supernatural. This season is SO much y’all – we meet Jody and Crowley and Lucifer; we travel to the past AND the future, and that’s only the beginning. Can you collect the four Horsemen rings needed to unlock this episode? Just...

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