Supernatural Season Gr8: I Don’t Need to Co-sign That

Quick – guess how long we spent talking about Sacrifice? We’ll give you a hint: way too long. Taekia and Leah go extra deep on Season 8 because really what else would you expect from them? Multiple tablets, angel factory settings, Amelia’s real machinations, and the little ship that could (don’t judge us, mom) are all part of this one.

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Supernatural Season 7: Time for Redemption

Whoaaaaaa we’re halfway there! Do you remember how good Season 7 actually was? Probably not, because BOY were Leah and Taekia surprised at how much fun they had rewatching it. Join them as they can’t help but say “Dick” a million times, wax poetic over how much they love Lucifer, and go pretty hard on other cultural uses of the song “Poison.”

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Supernatural Season 6: Look. We All Know What Season This Is.

No matter how many story beats and plot points they tried to throw at them, Taekia and Leah made it through season 6 and so shall you! We talk – and groan – our way through Soulless Sam, Eve, and all those Campbells (Coming to a store near you – COLLECT THEM ALL!)

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Supernatural Season 5: We’re Quality Trash

We made it to the end! Well, at least the original intended end of Supernatural. This season is SO much y’all – we meet Jody and Crowley and Lucifer; we travel to the past AND the future, and that’s only the beginning. Can you collect the four Horsemen rings needed to unlock this episode? Just kidding. This is a podcast, not the Cage. No rings required.

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Supernatural Season 4: “I’m AWESOME!”

Taekia and Leah went hard on this one, but hey this is Extraneous and we’re talking season 4 of Supernatural, what did you expect? Dean’s self-loathing, Sam’s addiction, Cas, Ruby, and SO MUCH MORE are waiting for you, so go ahead and get downloading! Spoiler alert: we’re all the Monsters at the End of This Book.

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Also here’s a link to the PaleyFest clip that Leah mentioned:

Supernatural Season 3: Ice in the Eggnog

Taekia and Leah are back to dig into season three of Supernatural: the shortest season of the series, but definitely not of this podcast. Press play now if you’d like to order a Pig in a Poke.

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Supernatural Season 2: “hE SAID i migHT HAve to KIll yOU samMY”

Welcome to season 2, SPNfamily! Meet us at the Roadhouse, Supernatural’s favorite watering hole… until it burns down.  A new parade of hunters and psychic kids shake up Sam and Dean’s demon-hunting rhythm. The paranormal takes over as the boys try to save each other with hellish deals. And remember a certain special guest star from This Is Us?  We will also crown the most EXTRA of the season. Next week, we’ll be talking about season three, where angels still don’t exist. 

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Supernatural Season 1: Sad Dad Energy

Welcome to Extraneous: Supernatural! Extraneous is a podcast that goes deep on stories we love and comes back with a little something extra. We’re beginning with season one of Supernatural as we cling desperately to the hope that it’s not *really* ending next season. We’ll dig into everything we love about the first season: classic rock, confessions in the Impala, the Winchester Family Feels (™), early hunts, and so much more. We’ll also start our tradition of identifying who is the most EXTRA of the week.

If you have the urge to listen to all the music from season 1 after this episode, we’ve got you covered with our season-specific Spotify playlists.

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Welcome to Extraneous, the podcast that goes deep on the stories we love, and comes back with a little something extra.

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