Steven Universe S1 Ep 1-12: Backstory for an Ice Cream Sandwich

Steven Universe S1 Ep 1-12: Backstory for an Ice Cream Sandwich

Welcome one and all to all the inaugural episode of Extraneous: Steven Universe! Leah and Taekia are hanging up their flannel (for now) to begin a 15 week exploration of everyone’s favorite half-human, half-gem: Steven Quartz Universe! They go deep into how they each discovered the show, pick their top 5 episodes from this section, discuss gem lore, and SO much more!


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This podcast is a part of the Mischief Media network. Follow us on Twitter @extraneouspod and Instagram @extraneous.pod and let us know all of your thoughts and feelings! This episode was edited by Leah Cornish, and driven by big nerd energy.

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