Supernatural Episode Sommelier: Family Dramas

Supernatural Episode Sommelier: Family Dramas

We’re having more fun with format and are acting as your very own Supernatural sommeliers. Perhaps you want to indoctrinate a friend but they’re not into “monster shows,” or you’re in a  specific mood and can’t decide which episode to watch. Have no fear because today Taeki and Leah sharing our top 10 episodes for family drama feelings, and to prove our prowess we invite guest Sierra, who has never watched an episode, to share her feelings on “Lebanon.”

Stay hyped for the final season by checking out our always updated playlist on Spotify: [Extraneous] Supernatural Our Favorite Songs

SPOILER ALERT: This is a spoiler-filled podcast. If you want to follow along, watch Supernatural! We promise it’s great. 

This podcast is a part of the Mischief Media network. Follow us on Twitter @extraneouspod and Instagram @extraneous.pod and let us know all of your thoughts and feelings! This episode was edited by Jaanelle Yee, and driven by big nerd energy.

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