Supernatural Commentary Track: The Real Ghostbusters

Supernatural Commentary Track: The Real Ghostbusters

It’s our first week of experimental podcasting, since Supernatural has deigned to take a holiday from releasing new episodes. Join Taekia and Leah for their first ever episode commentary as they take on a season 5 classic (you know. Before Chuck was the worst.) They’ll talk real conventions vs this TV one, develop a drinking game on the spot, and pretty much continuously quote the episode along with the episode. Hey – we did warn it was experimental.

Stay hyped for the final season by checking out our always updated playlist on Spotify: [Extraneous] Supernatural Our Favorite Songs

SPOILER ALERT: This is a spoiler-filled podcast. If you want to follow along, watch Supernatural! We promise it’s great. 

This podcast is a part of the Mischief Media network. Follow us on Twitter @extraneouspod and Instagram @extraneous.pod and let us know all of your thoughts and feelings! This episode was edited by Leah Cornish, and driven by big nerd energy.

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