His Dark Materials: Golden Compass Ch 1-5

His Dark Materials: Golden Compass Ch 1-5

Extraneous: His Dark Materials is here! Meet Melissa and Will, and delve into the beautiful story written by Philip Pullman.

0:00 — 6:12: Intro, history of the book series
6:12 — 11:28: The Epigraph, Paradise Lost, What It All Means
11:28 — 42:33: Chapter Review (1-5, Golden Compass/Northern Lights)
42:30 — 1:00: Portrait Gallery: Who we met in these chapters and the impact they made
1:00 — 1:08: Daemonology
1:08 — 1:13: Universe Building: The concepts and artifacts Pullman introduces
1:13 — 1:15: The Alethiometer! This episode’s chapters, summarized by alethiometer symbols
1:15 — 1:22: His Dark Materials, The Playlist: Will chooses five songs that summarize this episode’s reading/characters/themes
1:22 — 1:25: The Extra Award: Who was the most extra in this set of chapters?
1:25: Wrap-up!

Produced by Melissa Anelli @ Mischief Media 2019. Episode art by Alexandra Stefanel.

4 comments on His Dark Materials: Golden Compass Ch 1-5

  1. Antony Morris says:

    Just about to start you podcast. I look forward to the adventure.


    1. mmadmin says:

      Thank you so much for the comment! We hope you’re enjoying the ride so far!

  2. Johanna says:

    I just found this podcast, and after having listened to this episode, I think it’ll be the perfect companion for me as I do my reread in preparation for the upcoming tv show. 😀

    You two have a really fun dynamic, and I love all the extra stuff you do, like discussing characters and demons and PLAYLISTS?! That’s awesome. (I also have a lot of HDM related playlists and one of them even have Seven Devils on them, so I found that to be a fun coincidence.)

    Anyway, going to really enjoy listening to this. Onwards!
    Also, my demon is a dormouse.

    1. melissa says:

      Ahh! I’m so sorry it took so long to get back to this. We’re so glad you’re enjoying the podcast! How did you get to a dormouse for your daemon!?

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