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Currently exploring His Dark Materials and Steven Universe. Supernatural will return after hiatus.

Extraneous | His Dark Materials

Boreal the Exploreal | His Dark Materials Subtle Knife Trailer Reaction

October 20, 2020

Boreal is exploreal, John and Lee have a bromance for the ages, and there are Dementors in Cittagazze - it's the second trailer for the HDM Subtle Knife Series and we are all about it! --- We ha...

Extraneous | Supernatural

Supernatural The Long Road Home: Okay, Stop!

September 17, 2020

Upon listening to the last episode of this very podcast, Taekia and Leah realized they didn't actually dig very well into the content of the two trailers for the final episodes. So they're doing that ...

Extraneous | Supernatural

Supernatural The Long Road Home: We're So Lucky Just to Be Here

September 3, 2020

Just like your favorite 90s cartoon dinosaurs, we’re back! Leah and Taekia talk all of the new trailers and photo updates from the Supernatural set. They discuss what COVID based changes they antici...

Extraneous | Supernatural

Supernatural Season 15 - Trailer and One Sheet Is Here So We're FREAKING OUT

September 13, 2019

30 minutes after finishing our recording for Season 13, no joke, we noticed that SUDDENLY the trailer for Supernatural's final season dropped. Aaaaaaand so did the one sheet. And a new hashtag that ha...