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Extraneous | His Dark Materials

Welcome to Mulefaton! | His Dark Materials, Amber Spyglass, Ch 7 and 8

February 16, 2021

In this episode, we explore the lovely, dare-we-say Edenic home of our favorite wheeled/sorta-elephants, the Mulefa! Get the scoop on their whole rolling deal, from wiggly nose to wheelie tail. Plus, ...

Extraneous | His Dark Materials

Oh Hey Asriel | His Dark Materials, Amber Spyglass, Ch 5 and 6

February 9, 2021

On this episode of Extraneous, we honor an angel’s sacrifice, catch up with our old frenemy Asriel, meet the beloved Gallivespians, dive deep into Magisterium politics, and get the tea on the whole ...

Extraneous | His Dark Materials

But Who is Gimli? | His Dark Materials, Amber Spyglass, Ch 3 and 4

February 2, 2021

Two small chapters to go over today, so what better time to try and open a giant can of worms about which HDM characters would be whom from the Council of Elrond? Surely no one on the Internet has str...

Extraneous | His Dark Materials

Lousy with Angels | His Dark Materials, Amber Spyglass, Ch 1 and 2

January 26, 2021

It's finally time to start Amber Spyglass and wouldn't you know that before the second chapter is over we get an entire reset on God, the universe, heaven, hell, and more. Classic Phillip Pullman. Joi...

Extraneous | His Dark Materials

Hot Shaman Stuff | His Dark Materials, Season 2 Wrap

January 5, 2021

The season is over, and we have a LOT of thoughts. We go over our favorite and least favorite parts of this season of television, and give out some awards — such as the illustrious "Glenn Close in ...

Extraneous | His Dark Materials

Goodbye to All That | His Dark Materials, Season 2, Episode 7

December 29, 2020

This finale is full of dead things: Jopari, a few witches, many Magisterium (Magisteri?), and, lest we forget, our beloved aeronaut. But we are also waving goodbye to the deftness -- and dare we say s...

Extraneous | His Dark Materials

His Dark Materials, S1 E8: To the End

January 6, 2020

With the first season of His Dark Materials over, we talk through the good, the bad, and the weird throughout this episode. Since it's the end of the season, we also go over the best and worst bits o...

Extraneous | His Dark Materials

His Dark Materials S1 E7: The Bear Place

December 19, 2019

We finally get to the fight between Iofur and Iorek, and we're wondering why it was so underwhelming. There are some big revelations in this episode, but the mishandling of some key plot points is wor...