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Extraneous | Supernatural

Supernatural: What if… Dean Died in "Faith"?

February 10, 2020

Taekia and Leah try and make Hellatus slightly more tolerable as they dive into yet another “What If” and this time it’s Dean dying in “Faith”. Come for the discussion of how Sam continues o...

Extraneous | Supernatural

Supernatural Storytime: Reading Our Own Fanfic

January 13, 2020

So we may have miscounted how many weeks were in the Hellatus - whoops! So for this week Taekia and Leah are setting themselves up for massive amounts of embarrassment as they read to you, our dear de...

Extraneous | Supernatural

Supernatural: What if... John Died in the Nursery Fire?

January 6, 2020

Rejoice! Taekia and Leah have come up with another fun format for the hellatus, and it’s the first in our soon to be beloved What If series. Let’s start with the beginning: what if it was John, no...