His Dark Materials, Golden Compass Ch 13-15: Fancy Goose Ex Machina

His Dark Materials gets darker, thornier, and even harder to tackle, but Melissa and Will are going to take you through it! In these chapters, we get to the Fields of Evil, Bolvangar itself. Chilling. After our intro, join us to discuss Ch 13 (00:01:33), Ch 14 (00:35:16), and Ch 15 (00:54:04), then some overall impressions (01:09:17), our Alethiometer readings (01:16:38), the HDM Mixtape (01:20:51), the Extra Award (01:29:13), and our wrap-up (01:32:19). PLUS we have a question for you this week and will every week from now on:

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Hosts: Melissa Anelli and Will Redden // Produced by Melissa Anelli and Adam Molina // Audiobook clips (c) Penguin Random House