Month: December 2019

His Dark Materials, S1 E5: Lost Daemons

WE HAVE SOME CONCERNS. We still love this show but are very concerned at the portrayals of daemon on the show and how it will play out. Episode five of the His Dark Materials series brings us to some real questions about how to best portray this amazing series on screen. Also: We meet Will!

This episode IS SPOILER SAFE. We will let you know before we go into spoilers so you can turn it off. If you are only watching the series, you’re fine to listen.

In this show: we go over every detail of the episode with our Dust Bears and Dust Bunnies. We also give out an Extra Award, perform our alethiometer readings, and add three more songs to the mixtape! Melissa brought a banger AGAIN. That’s twice in a rowl

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Produced by Jaanelle Yee // hosts Melissa Anelli and William Redden

Supernatural Bonus Episode: Sorting the Winchesters

There was no new Supernatural this past week, so Taekia and Leah take this opportunity to dig a little deeper into the family Winchester… by sorting them into their proper Hogwarts houses! Basically if you’re looking for the “most extra” of the week, it’s us. Without question.

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SPOILER ALERT: This is a spoiler-filled podcast. If you want to follow along, watch Supernatural! We promise it’s great. 

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