Supernatural Season 1: Sad Dad Energy

Supernatural Season 1: Sad Dad Energy

Welcome to Extraneous: Supernatural! Extraneous is a podcast that goes deep on stories we love and comes back with a little something extra. We’re beginning with season one of Supernatural as we cling desperately to the hope that it’s not *really* ending next season. We’ll dig into everything we love about the first season: classic rock, confessions in the Impala, the Winchester Family Feels (™), early hunts, and so much more. We’ll also start our tradition of identifying who is the most EXTRA of the week.

If you have the urge to listen to all the music from season 1 after this episode, we’ve got you covered with our season-specific Spotify playlists.

SPOILER ALERT: This is a spoiler-filled podcast. If you want to follow along, watch Supernatural! We promise it’s great.

This podcast is a part of the Mischief Media network. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram and comment with your favorite fanfic, headcanon, long held Winchester-based feelings, or anything else really! This episode was edited by Leah Cornish, and driven by big nerd energy.

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